Whigby is pattern and paper; eccentricity and authenticity; cheap cheeriness with a dash of cheekiness; lovely uncoated recycled broadsheets and perfect printing. Whigby adds to the pleasure of giving and receiving. Whigby is about concealment and revealment. Whigby is crisp, tailored, torn and tattered. Whigby is memorable, forgettable, timeless and ephemeral. Whigby is here to stay.


Whigby Topics:


A Gallery of Whigby family members and former senior executive officers:

Louise Faux-Pas Whigby IV

Amy Whigby of Aquitaine

R. Eaton Whigby Senior, Jr.

Lou Whigby (Duke of Savoy)

Marchese Guglielmo Whigby

1st Baron Horatio Whigby

Consort Frank L. Whigby

Chairman Teddy "TT" Whigby


Window/Wall Thermometers 

With one of Whigby’s new steel enamel window/wall thermometers you will have the vital information you need to decide on mittins or a speedo before walking out the door. This will fundamentally change the way you live your life. You’re welcome.


A New Booth

If 18 new products by the likes of Mairia Kalman, Rick Meyerowitz and Graham Dale isn't enough to attract even more loyal followers to the ways of Whigby, maybe our cool new booth will do the trick. Drop everything (you've had quite enough sun and fresh air) and come to the climate controlled wonders of the Javitz center to see us at this year's National Stationery Show (May 20-23, 2012).


Pen Fatale

From the fiendish mind of Meredith Kaffel (of the Manhattan Kaffels) comes a new line of "love" cards that she has dubbed Pen Fatale. Debuting at the New York International Gift Fair in just a few days (January 29–February 2), look for them (soon after the show) in all the wickedest places. In the meantime, buy them here.


Thanks for the Booty

Whigby welcomes a major new talent to our lineup of artists, writers and ne’er-do-wells: author/illustrator Graham Roumieu. Known for his slyly snide or snidely sly brand of humour, inviting Graham in on the fun was almost too obvious (but we did it anyway). Buy them online now.


Whigby's Winning Numbers

Todd's series of numeric birthday cards are featured in this year's Communication Arts Typography Annual (on newsstands this month). Buy them here for $4.95. If things continue to go well for Whigby, we just might add to the line. What's next?


Roots Gets Whigby

We were shopping for sox and geese last weekend when we came across this display (above) at the local Roots store. The drawers were stuffed with Whigby – so stuffed that when we tried closing the drawers, we simply couldn't do it. As we walked away, one of the attendants asked, "Didn't you know that Roots now gets Whigby?" We said, "It's because Whigby gets Roots."


Mxyplyzyk Hits Jersey City

Mxyplyzyk, Whigby's favourite home furnishings and specialty gift store in the West Village, has just opened a second location, at 308 Grove Street in Jersey City. Congratulations on the new store, guys! We're looking forward to introducing New Jerseyans (New Jerseyites?) to our perfectly odd product line. Hopefully they're ready for it.


Little Fish Big Pond

We delivered our custom holiday ornaments to the Hudson's Bay Company this week and we couldn't resist posting this photo of the Whigby family wagon backed up to one of the loading docks at HBC's Toronto distribution centre. We may be punching above our weight class when it comes to shipping and receiving, but we've always believed that good things come in small packages. Find our HBC ornaments at the Bay's heritage boutiques across Canada. 


We Are 1976

We were all excited to hear from We Are 1976 (a very cool shop and gallery in Dallas, Texas), but none more so than Todd because, well, he is also 1976. The connection must have meant something because We Are 1976 now carries a selection of Whigby (including our very fine Camilla Engman collection) in amongst the rest of their carefully selected collection of design-inspired goods. 


Frog and Toad (and Whigby!)

We were delighted to meet Asher Schofield, the proprietor of Frog and Toad at the NYIGF in August. Frog and Toad, located on Hope Street in Providence, RI, is one of those great shops that every neighbourhood should have. With a selection of goods ranging from the lovely and inspired to the odd and incredible, Frog and Toad really has you covered for every gift-giving occasion. Curiously, they stock neither frogs nor toads, but as of a few weeks ago, they do have an extensive selection of Whigby's finest